Sheriff Jadama ‘Doski’ is searching for his dream

Sheriff Jadama

By: Baboucarr Fallaboweh

“Doski,” as Sherif Jadama is fondly called, moved to Sweden last year to chase his dream of turning a professional.

Last season, he played for AFC Eskilstuna, scoring nine goals in 8 games despite his short stay. Having played one and a half seasons, Sheriff compared the two countries’ play styles.

“The difference between Italian and Swedish football is the technical aspect of the game; Italy is more technical. Sweden is more of a physical component.” He told Alkamba Times Sports.

He also had an incredible season with Banjul FC in Division 5. Jadama has tasked himself to make a breakthrough in the elite league.

“The journey is long, and turning professional is hard; I believe here is better because I will easily be signed here than in Italy. You often have to win Serie D and then get promoted with the team to Serie C, provided the club gives you a contract. I am targeting Division One and Division Two. I even had division two this year, but circumstance made it impossible”.

Jadama played a key role as Banjul FC finished second, losing two matches. The 22 years played as an offensive midfielder, had incredible statistics in 15 games, assisted 17, and scored 13.

His energy makes him outplay his opponent with clever movements on and off the ball.

“This is one of the best seasons since I left the Gambia. Despite playing in higher divisions and leagues before coming to Sweden, the experience I gathered this season can be the best. Because Banjul FC is our team, we have quality players if you rate the games we have played and the goal-scoring.”

” I came, and the coach changed my role and played me as a midfielder, which I initially didn’t want. However, I later adapted to the role. It’s my first time playing a different role.” He said.


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