Son of murdered journalist receives TRRC White Paper with mixed feelings, Says amnesty for dad’s killers wrong

Baba Hydara

The son of the murdered Gambia journalist Deyda Hydara has faulted the TRRC amnesty recommendation for some of the confessed killers of his father but has vowed to fight on.

“They should first contact the family( before extending amnesty to them). It’s wrong. We won’t stop fighting even if The Gambia decides to give amnesty to any person in my dad’s or any person’s case,” Baba Hydara told TAT shortly after the publication of the TRRC White Paper at Sir DK Jawara Conference Centre on Wednesday.

He expressed the resolve that the victim community has other jurisdictional options in their pursuit of justice.

“Not only that we have The Gambia. We have the ECOWAS Court and other courts in the region.

“So we won’t stop. We will keep on fighting. We cannot encourage impunity even if there’s plea bargaining,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Baba Hydara said the victim community had long been waiting for the moment when the TRRC White Paper would be published.
“We’ve been waiting for this day for so long. It’s surreal. Most of the things we were expecting were in the White Paper,” said Hydara.

He added: “Now, we’re waiting for the implementation. It won’t be easy. There’ll be a lot of work ahead. We(victims) will work with the government because they’ve shown the commitment.”

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