State Present first Witness in Alleged Coup Plotters Treason Trial

Sanna Fadera, alleged Ring Leader

After being discharged by the state, the state’s first witness Mabara Touray entered the witness box to testify against his colleagues, revealing chilling evidence in the ongoing treason trial.

Testifying before Justice Basirou Mahoney, the witness identified himself as Mbara Touray, a soldier residing in Busumbala.

Narrating what transpired between him and the first accused, Sanna Fadera, the ringleader of the alleged coup plot about eight months ago, the witness recalled that he met Mr. Fadera at the Yundum Barracks when he came to change his military beret at the ordinance and asked for the regimental police.

He further recalled that they exchanged greetings, and later Sanna Fadera revealed his intention to overthrow the government. He told him that was a serious matter.

He adduced that Sanna also asked for help to convince and mobilize soldiers, but his response could have been more positive.

The witness further told the court that he had asked Sanna about his operational plan. But instead, Sanna directed him to Corporal Omar Njie, who said he did not have the agenda at the time.

Mr. Touray recalled his last conversation with Sanna was on December 18th, when the 1st accused called to inform him about a meeting. He added that he did not know what the meeting was about before his arrest on December 20th last year.

Under cross-examination by Lawyer Lamin S Camara, counsel for Sanna Fadera, the witness acknowledged that he is unfamiliar with military hierarchy.

When further grilled about the context of the Gambian military as a corporal, the witness said they could move nine to ten men adducing that a Lance Corporal can move a fire team composed of four.

He finally told the court that he had been in protective custody under the military police since his arrest.

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