Stealing from Vacationing Couple’s Home: Notorious Thief to spend over ten years in Jail

Modou Lamin Ndow

The notorious Thief who raided the House of a US-based Gambian couple in Brufut Garden and took away valuables and cash worth around D1.5 million in January this year has been convicted and sentenced by a lower court in Brikama after more than eight months of criminal trial.

Modou Lamin Ndow will now spend more than ten years after the Court found him guilty of housebreaking and stealing. Magistrate Ebrima Sowe of Brikama Magistrate Court handed the sentence.

The convict was charged with two counts of housebreaking and stealing. The Magistrate sentenced him to five years on count one and four years on the count and ordered him to compensate the victims, Sheriff Jarju and his wife, Abisatou Saidy, one million, one hundred and fifty-two thousand, three hundred Dalasis (D1,152,300) or risk spending additional three years in Jail.

According to the Magistrate, both sentences will run concurrently.

The notorious Thief, charged with “housebreaking and stealing,” was arrested in Jarreng village of the Central River Region of the Gambia a week after the incident.

The help of a digital tracker connected to an airpod among the stolen properties helped the victim locate Modou Lamin, leading to his eventual arrest.

Reacting to the verdict, Sheriff Jarju, the victim, expressed his disappointment with the country’s criminal justice system.

” I am just disappointed with the sentencing. Our criminal laws are not serving their purposes. People like him should spend more time in Jail for the safety of everyone,” he told Alkamba Times from his base in Seattle, Washington.


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