Super Nawettan on Standstill As Zonal Presidents Reject GFF Appointments

GFF Officials

By: Baboucarr Fallaboweh

Super nawettan football is on hold in the Gambia amid fears of cancelation as zonal presidents reject the Gambia Football Federation’s appointment of a special panel to oversee the competition that pits different zones in one of the biggest football championships in the country.

Speaking on sports Bantaba on Saturday, Serekunda West president Musa Ndow said, “80% of the zones agreed that it’s their mandate and organizations should be in their control and GFF should solely act as supervisor.

“These zones are not under the GFF, and there is no affiliation. Now we have decided to take ownership but not totally, and that’s why after our meeting, we wrote a proposal to the GFF.” Musa mentioned

“To our surprise, GFF made an appointment and called the whole process a legal framework o organize such competitions.”

“What legality does the GFF have, or under which clause is it stated? Let them stop contradicting themselves. For example, Foni has complained that they don’t have gate takings yet still spend money,” he added.

Musa further indicated that GFF has never revealed its financial statement, which is a significant source of worry.

“All these years that GFF runs the super nawettan, they have never published any financial report, and even in the last edition, we are yet to lay hands on the report.”

“The 15-member panel they set will be paid allowances, and I feel they have been compensated for their roles in the October election but have nothing to do with the super nawettan,” Musah concluded.

With the Super nawettan slated to start on the 1st of December 2022, Ndow warns that the preseason in the West Coast and KM, which were all successful, can stand as a Springboard as they can run their show.
The Gambia Football Federation, GFF recently announced the establishment of a 15-member panel to run the super nawettan competition. Still, zonal representatives are unhappy with the decision, which GFF described as fulfilling its legal mandate to lead the super nawettan.


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