TAT Investigation: Questions About Letting AIM Global Establish In Gambia

Ms. Chel Jhoy Rachael, a Phillipino and a senior member of AIM Global

By: Kebba Ansu Manneh

Officials of an online marketing platform called AIM Global recently visited The Gambia and are seeking to operate in the country.

The Alkamba Times (TAT) heard from various persons who attended their presentation meetings held at the Kairaba Beach Hotel on the online activities and business model it promotes.

One source suspects that the business model of AIM Global is similar to that of AI Group, which reportedly scammed many Gambians of millions of dalasis.

This person believes that under the pretext of promoting online shopping and buying food supplements, AIM Global could be no different from the AI Group.

He said the AIM Global officials invited interested persons to pay D15,800 as registration fees at their hotel presentations, allowing them to access the AIM Global platform to advance their business and become millionaires.

“I don’t see any difference between AI Group and AIM Global because they are both playing the same tricks on Gambians to make them register on their platform.

“During their presentation, they asked us to pay D15,800 to be added to their platform, with the promise that we could become millionaires once added.

“What was mind-boggling to us is that one of their officials, a Philippine national, offered to pay D5000 to the first ten Gambians who register on their platform.

“They could not explain to us in detail how their business operates online and dodged questions about how one could become a millionaire on their platform.”

Three other persons who spoke to TAT also said AIM Global looks like a replica of AI Group and that the company was banned in Senegal and is now seeking to operate in The Gambia.

The AIM Global officials who visited the country included a Philippine national, Nigerian, and Senegalese, and they organized meetings held in expensive hotels in the country, TAT gathered.

Our sources say the presentations are attempts to entice Gambians since they remind one of social media promotions and adverts on get-rich-quick schemes, usually scams.

“When I attended their presentation at Kairaba, I concluded that this company was no different from the AI Group.

“We have all seen the damage that AI Group has inflicted on Gambians, and I believe it will be totally insane to join their platform.

“I want to appeal to Gambians to beware of these companies. I also want to appeal to the police and Gambia government to ban such companies from operating in the country.”

TAT put these claims to Ms. Chel Jhoy Rachael, a Phillipino and a senior member of AIM Global, who said they have no link to the AI Group.

According to her, in October, officials of AIM Global came to the Gambia through Gambian contacts to start operating in the country.

She added that AIM Global is a legitimate business with 230 branches worldwide that has positively changed the lives of more than 23,000 people.

“I need to find out who the AI Group are. We are a top and leading network in marketing, and you can see our profile on YouTube and Google.

Our name is Alliance in Motion Global, AIM Global. Ours is a company that has a record of 20,000 people whose lives we transformed from zero to multi-millionaires. We have been operating in the business for the past 18 years,” Ms Rachael told TAT.

She added: “We have yet to start operations in Gambia, but we are working on modalities to start operating in the near future. But before then, we must register the business in Gambia.

“We are a legitimate business that deals in health food supplements and operates on a legit and proven platform.”


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