Team Gambia departs for Laola Cup In Germany

Team Gambia

By: Bubacarr Fallaboweh

The Gambia is appearing at the 2023 Laola Cup in Hamburg metropolis, Germany, and 200 teams from 20 countries are expected to attend this year’s international football festivals.

Team Gambia comprises players from BK West United and their partner affiliate academy Jarisu Talents, from rural Gambia. The team is expected to arrive in Frankfurt on Tuesday, 18th July, where they’ll be playing test games with U15 of Eintracht Frankfurt and FSV Frankfurt. BK West Academy, a registered academy in The Gambia, has previously participated in the 2018 Allianz Cup in Germany.

“We want to expose our boys to these competitions. It’s a good cultural and mental experience for the boys, said Cherno Barry of BK West. During our test games in Frankfurt, we expect scouts from many Bundesliga teams to come and watch our boys play. We have the products in The Gambia, and with the right connections, support, and exposure, our boys can make it to the highest level of football worldwide. This tournament is an amazing game changer for us, said Alieu Sowe, Board member of BK West and Founder of Jarisu Talents, who is traveling with the team to Germany.

“We tell our boys when they stay in school and play football; there is nothing they can’t achieve. When they work hard, the opportunities waiting for them are endless. Beyond the football games, the boys will participate in leadership workshops and visits to museums and other cultural places in Germany to learn about new cultures and how things are done differently in other countries. This Forster understands and promotes tolerance.”


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