Team Gomsa Bopa Spokesman faults selection of new Tango Executive

Yusuf Tylor alias Flex Dan, Spokesperson of Team Gomsa Bopa

Yusuf Taylor alias Flex Dan, Spokesperson of Team Gomsa Bopa, a civil society movement in the country, has criticized the recent selection of the new executive members of the Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (TANGO) as not transparent and free, and fair.

He told Alkamba Times that his movement, among others, was never informed of a supposed executive election to be held under the aegis of the empire body of Non-Governmental organizations operating in the country.

“The problem is that we (Gom Sa Bopa) were unaware of this. TANGO has different members; some are registered members, and some are not. However, they are still working with, and for that matter, they need to inform us of such an important development,” Gom Sa Bopa, Spokesman and Editor of Gianako News, protested.

He said: “TANGO always call us, discuss and do the advocacy together, we are even in the same Whatsapp group with TANGO, but they never invite the group to inform the civil societies of this election. Still, many civil societies are wondering how the election was conducted and who are the new executive members; even if we are not going to vote but should be informed; this is why I said the election is far from free, fair, and transparent.”

He observed that if the current executive members of TANGO are interested in maintaining the organization’s credibility, they should resign and call for a free, fair, and transparent election, arguing that even the Gambia Press Union was more evident than that of TANGO.

The Spokesperson of Gom Sa Bopa continued to criticize TANGO for failing to disclose the various positions available for grabs, saying it has also failed to share the manifestos of the Chairman and other executive members who were recently elected.

“This organization has been advocating for Presidential and other political debates but failed to organize debate for itself. What TANGO has done is undermine the credibility of civil society in this country. For now, I don’t think TANGO has the moral right to demand transparency, accountability, or even to scrutinize government,” Yusuf Tylor further criticized TANGO.

However, in a press release issued recently, TANGO says it has elected nine (9) member executive members who will stair the affairs of the organization, a decision it says emanated following the conclusion of its Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 20-21st March 2023.

The new executive members include Mrs. Yadicon Njie Eribo (FAWEGAM), Chairperson, Mr. Yusupha Joseph Gomez (GAFNA), Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Jainaba Sarr Sabally (FIOH-TG), Treasurer, Ms. Anna Njie (FLAG), Member, Mr. Saidina Alieu Jarju (AAITG), Member, Mrs. Awa Janneb Lewis (GFPA), Member, Mr. Babucarr Senghore (YAFSSE), Member, Mr. Alieu Sowe (NACOFAG), Member, Mr. Idrissa Keita (TOSTAN), Member and Mr. Lamin Jarjusey (RFH), Member.


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