TEEMA: Transforming Professional Attire with the Grace of African Style

TEEMA Founder Fatoumatta Jammeh

By: Alieu Ceesay

In a world where fashion often leans heavily on Western influences, TEEMA stands out as a beacon of cultural pride and innovation. A visionary woman entrepreneur founded TEEMA, a premium workwear fashion brand that seamlessly blends modern Western formal fabrics with rich African textiles, creating unique and affordable professional outfits worldwide.

The brand is committed to ethical craftsmanship and thoughtful design, redefining the standards of luxury in everyday professional attire.

“TEEMA was inspired to create luxury apparel using rich African textiles sourced from all across the continent for daily work life,” says Fatoumatta Jonkong Jammeh, the founder of TEEMA. 

“We want to be a premium workwear brand incorporated in The Gambia that is open to fashion-conscious consumers worldwide. Africa is in our blood, and we want to use our collections to tell stories about our rich culture and heritage.”

The brand’s journey began in 2019, initially named Business OOTD (Outfit of the Day). The founder’s background and deep appreciation for African culture have significantly influenced TEEMA’s vision and design ethos. “As an African with a deep appreciation of the African culture, I feel empowered when wearing African-printed clothes, which is an empowering feeling for African fashion lovers and me. There is a sense of alignment from a cultural standpoint, pride, and heritage factor of being an African or a fan of African-designed clothing.”

TEEMA’s ethos, “work hard and succeed,” is at the core of its identity. “We believe in the power of hard work; hard work got me where I am today. Our clothing embodies this core value that guides our design process. Our garments are carefully crafted for the working professional, providing an empowering feeling,” the founder explains.

TEEMA’s key focus is balancing affordability with premium quality. By hiring full-time staff on payroll and sourcing raw materials wholesale, the brand has managed to keep costs low while maintaining high standards. “This has enabled us to get materials cheaper; hence, the prices, at the end of the day, can be minimal to what the average Gambian can afford,” she notes.

Ethical production is another pillar of TEEMA’s philosophy. “All textiles are sourced from trusted suppliers, and our staff are working in the best conditions and are paid very well for their services to ensure they work with their hearts to ensure the premium quality we want,” the founder assures. Every step, from sourcing fabrics to designing and production, is meticulously planned and executed to uphold the brand’s high standards.

The impact of TEEMA extends beyond individual customers to the broader community and professional industry. TEEMA designs will increase the visibility of African prints and designs in our corporate and business settings. With almost 80% of the workwear uniforms we make having an African touch, TEEMA will ensure premium brandable merchandise that will improve each company’s brand recognition and optimum visibility,” she says confidently.

TEEMA’s influence is already evident in the lives of its customers and the communities it works with. “TEEMA has established itself as a trusted apparel and corporate branding partner. We have successfully served numerous clients by delivering exceptional products and services, including custom uniform design, custom embroidery and printing, and corporate branding,” the founder shares. Notable clients include MRC, INNOVORAX, Nesthet Clinical Services, THE WOMAN BOSS, Bamboo Resort, National Sports Council, and more.

TEEMA also prioritizes supporting fellow designers and tailors in the community. “We support our fellow designers and tailors in our communities with embroidery designs, and small businesses outsource to us. Before now, most of the embroidery African designs were sourced from Senegal, and now TEEMA is a proud, trusted partner.”

As TEEMA continues to grow and innovate, it remains committed to its core values of hard work, cultural pride, and community support. It has made a significant mark in the professional fashion industry and promotes African-inspired designs globally.


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