Poet, Saffiyah Joof

The Alhamba Times has arrived,
Unraveling the truth without personal affiliates.

A young Gambian Time under rising,
Ready not to discriminate,
But determine to disseminate accurate information.

This is not about defamation,
Others say character assassination,
But a quest for the people to know their respective country information.

This is our own line, the news time,
Read, watch Our unique way of formulating
And promoting our population rhymes.

This is our country’s pride,
A platform to access information according to our rights.

Come on, It is something new,
call the generation production team,
The new era of development in terms of news.

Stretch your back, zip your coffee, thick your hands online. The Alkamba Times.

#Nakalaapoem #AlkambaTimes


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