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 The Eagle Eye due diligence researchers conducting background checks on bidders of a procurement contract.

Today, institutions cannot afford to ignore the role due diligence checks play in risk reduction when hiring new employees, signing new partnership contracts, or purchasing goods and services. The potential for data fraud is too high to neglect and ensuring an effective method in place for fact-checking and cross-referencing is imperative.

The Eagle Eye is The Gambia’s premier company dedicated to providing high-quality due diligence, corporate intelligence, fact-checking and security advisory services to institutions to help them navigate these challenges.

The company have successfully worked on several due diligence projects for corporate acquirers in The Gambia and abroad. As a force to be reckoned with, The Eagle Eye has a team of professional due diligence researchers and fact checkers who use modern techniques and analytical tools in making sure every deal achieves its full potential.

Due diligence is a process that identifies, verifies and confirms the claims of another party. It is effective in uncovering risks and highlighting important issues, providing valuable insight to companies before they sign a new contract, hire an employee, form a partnership, procure goods or make an investment.

“The Eagle Eye helps to ensure that acquirers receive substantive, relevant and comprehensive information in minimal time. We do comprehensive analysis that ensures that institutions realize maximum value from every deal,” said Mr. Ebrima Darboe, the Managing Director of The Eagle Eye.  

Identity fraud is more common today as is the tendency for individuals to exaggerate achievements. Some go to great lengths to build an entirely fake persona just to land the job of their dreams, while others take deceptive steps to make a business product look more attractive than it actual is to maximize a sale.

Mr. Darboe said The Eagle Eye offers fast and detailed pre-employment background checks on potential employees to verify and confirm that the information they provide is accurate. He added that they verify and bring to light issues of educational background, job experience, criminal history, public reputation, and other important details of potential candidates to help organizations make informed decisions.

“We do employment background check, company background check, real estate due diligence and fact checking. We ensure that businesses are protected, and that they are only considering candidates that have legitimate, truthful employment histories. Our due diligence is particularly important in procurement contracts of goods and services,” he added.

Some Recent Cases The Eagle Eye Uncovered

In April 2024, The Eagle Eye was hired by an international donor agency to conduct a due diligence check on the director and his organization. The director sought funding from the donor agency to implement a youth empowerment project and claimed to be running an NGO in The Gambia with 7 years of institutional experience.

Our investigation revealed that his organization was founded and registered only 3 weeks before filing the project proposal to the donor and it has no membership or physical office. The project proposal was, in fact, copied from an implemented project in Nigeria. Although the director has no criminal record, he is not known to civil society actors, including the National Youth Council (NYC). His Facebook and Instagram social media presence was of a larger-than-life person instead of an advocate. A detailed report on these and more findings saved our client from funding a fraudulent GMD 2,550,733.00 project.

In January 2024, an NGO advertised for a multimedia officer post and had asked each applicant to share their CV with links to their previous productions. One candidate stood out because of his quality HD videos and storytelling photos. But when The Eagle Eye ran a background check on him, it became apparent that he did not have the work experience he claimed he had. He also took other people’s work and passed them as his own. The candidate also faked on his CV that he previously produced some videos for a UN agency in The Gambia.

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