The Gambia’s Queen Scorpions Roar With Determination: Coach Manneh’s Redemption Quest in Moroccan Showdown

The Gambia Queen Scorpions PC: GFF Media

By Uthman A N Jeng

The sun sets over the Tranquil, Smiling Coast of Africa, The Gambia, casting a golden hue over the nation’s fervent football enthusiasts; the picturesque landscape of Morocco adds an exotic allure to the anticipation in the air.

The Queen Scorpions, Gambia’s Women’s National Team, are preparing to face Namibia in their second AWCON ( African Women’s Cup of Nation’s Qualifiers) encounter on Sunday, September 24th 2023, in Morocco; hope and anticipation swirl in the air, in this pivotal match, all eyes turn on to the team’s resilient leader, Coach Yahya Manneh, whose indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to the sport have a source of inspiration.

The journey for The Gambia’s Queen Scorpions in this year’s AWCON qualifier has been a rollercoaster ride. Their initial game against a formidable Namibian side ended in a heartbreaking 2-3 defeat. However, rather than succumbing to despair, Coach Manneh’s post-match interview exuded a spirit of determination. “We played well, but luck was not on our side, and we conceded goals that we could’ve defended,” he admitted.

Coach Yahya Manneh
PC: GFF Media

“But that’s football; we’ll go back and assess the problems and prepare well for the return leg, “for the comeback is always more significant than the setback.

The upcoming match against Namibia played on Moroccan soil, is more than just another game; it’s a chance for redemption and a shot at glory. Winning this contest will not only uplift the spirit of the Queen Scorpions but also reignite the flames of passion for football in the hearts of every Gambian. The nation’s support runs deep, and the players and technical staff understand the weight of their responsibility.

The Queen Scorpions are not just a team; they represent the dream of young girls who aspire to don the national jersey and follow in their heroes’ footsteps. Coach Manneh, through his dedication and determination, embodies this dream. He knows that his leadership transcends the boundaries of the pitch; it touches the lives of many and serves as a beacon of hope.

As the sun rises on the matchday of September 24th, 2023, in El Jadida, the heart of Morocco, a palpable excitement grips the entire Gambian nation thousands of kilometers away. The Queen Scorpions, led by their indomitable coach, are ready to face Namibia again. With lessons learned from their previous encounter, they march forward with grit and determination, fully aware that victory is not just about the score but the hearts and dreams they represent.

In the world of sports, it’s not always about winning; it’s about the journey, the resilience, and the unwavering spirit that keeps athletes and fans returning for more.

Coach Yahya Manneh and the Queen Scorpions embody this truth; as the referee’s whistle signals the start of the game in Morocco, they remind us that a comeback is always more remarkable than a setback in football. The Gambia stands united, ready to cheer for its heroes and witness the Queen Scorpions soar to new heights on foreign soil.

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