“To fight corruption, it must start from the top” – Mai Fatty


By: Alieu Ceesay

The opposition leader of the Gambia Moral Congress Party, Mai Ahmed Fatty, has emphasized the need to combat corruption by initiating reforms at the highest levels of government.

“We will fight corruption; it is one of the biggest problems in this country (Gambia). Corruption is rampant at every level, and fighting corruption must start from the top,” said GMC leader Mai Fatty.

Fatty addressed the media during a press conference on Wednesday, preceding the party’s fifth National Delegate Congress scheduled for December 28th and 29th, 2023. The theme is “The Need for a New Paradigm in Gambian Political Constellation.”

While commending the government’s efforts in introducing the long-awaited anti-corruption bill, Fatty criticized the need for robust mechanisms for its implementation. He underscored the necessity for a comprehensive civil service reform to combat corruption effectively.

“This civil service needs total reform; otherwise, the fight against corruption will not work. We need serious reform in the civil service. I’m convinced that the setup and structure of the current civil service are not up to the task of fighting corruption. We need political will and courage in fighting against corruption,” emphasized Fatty.

As a former adviser to President Adama Barrow, Fatty outlined plans to control government vehicles and streamline their usage. “I will do away with four-wheel drives from the government. I believe that the government has too many vehicles, and many of those vehicles are useless. We should have a carpool and an effective vehicle policy.”

Fatty also addressed various aspects of national development, including education, health, agriculture, food sufficiency, and security. His extensive experience includes serving as the interior minister of the Gambia under President Barrow’s coalition government and later as the legal adviser.

With the presidential election in the Gambia expected in 2026, Mai Fatty’s perspectives on corruption and governance hold significance in shaping the political landscape.


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