Top Civil Advocate Madi Jobarteh Raises Concerns Over GPA – Grupo Rodman Deal

Madi Jobarteh

Prominent human rights activist, Madi Jobarteh, has raised concerns over the announced approval of a Public Private Partnership agreement between the Gambia Ports Authority and Spanish Firm Grupo Rodman for managing the Banjul Shipyard facility.

Madi denounced the management of the Gambia Ports Authority for auctioning one of the most significant national assets to a foreign company.

“The Banjul Port is a national asset. It is the only port of the Gambia which must be fully under the control of the government. What is the basis of this deal with a foreign company? and For how much?” Madi asked.

On Friday, August 10th, the management of the Gambia Port Authority announced it has approved a Public Private Partnership with Grupo Rodman of Spain, approving a proposal for the expansion of the Banjul Shipyard premises, according to their release, which states, “The Government of The Gambia has approved the PPP agreement between GPA and Grupo Rodman of Spain for the design, construction, rehabilitation, operation, maintenance, and hand back of the Banjul Shipyard facility under concession contract. The decision endorsed the proposal for expanding the Banjul shipyard premises, including the Gambia Navy Command Center relocation and part of the Banjul Fisheries Jetty administrative area, to derive maximum value from the investment”.

Mr. Jorbateh branded the PPP agreement by the Ports Authority as a ‘scandalous move.’

“This is yet another scandalous move that must be confronted and rejected. I, therefore, demand that GPA share the contract document, as people have a right to know. I urge GPA to disclose the advertisement for the so-called competitive bidding process so that citizens can see its terms,” he remarked.

According to the Gambia Ports Authority, the Public-private Partnership transaction was conducted through a competitive international bidding process in September 2022, and Grupo Rodman was considered the ‘most responsive’ bidder.


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