Top Flight GPA faces relegation threats in GFF Division One League

The Gambia Ports Authority football club

By: Pa Barrow

The Gambia Ports Authority Football club faces relegation threats in the top flight of Gambia Football Federation division one league despite substantial financial support from the taxpayers.

Ports FC is one of the teams with the most financial backing in the country’s premier league football, with a budget line of millions annually.

The team found themselves in hot water as they languished at the bottom of the table with 25 points after 25 league matches.

In the middle of the first round, their players went on a sit-down strike this season due to unpaid wages by the club management, which negatively impacted the club’s current situation and their poor run of form.

The Ferry Boys are among the top league clubs in Gambian football. They have won more than four league and FA Cup titles.

The team has only five league matches to save their skins from relegation. They have to settle their remaining league games with fellow strugglers, making it very difficult for them.
As things stand, Ports is winless in their last four matches for the first time in many years.

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