Transport Minister Announces Feasibility Study for Overpass at Sukuta-Jabang Traffic Light

The Minister of Transport, Works and Infrastructure, EBRIMA Sillah

By: Fatou Dahaba

The Minister of Transport, Works, and Infrastructure, Ebrima Sillah, announced that his ministry is conducting an options study at the Sukuta-Jabang roundabout to determine the feasibility of constructing an additional overpass.

He responded to questions at the National Assembly about his ministry’s plans to reduce traffic congestion in the Greater Banjul Area, particularly on the Tippa Garage Sukuta highway.

During the question and answer session at the National Assembly, the Transport Minister responded to these queries by stating that they have completed the first draft in collaboration with consultants and are currently reviewing it alongside them and the NRA.

“If the advice is to put an overpass there, then we will do it,” Sillah told Lawmakers.

He said the government is building 50 kilometers of road around Serekunda and Sukuta-Jabang to ease traffic congestion.

The Minister noted that while the growing number of vehicles using the Westfield Brikama roadway presents difficulties, they remain hopeful for reduced gridlock once construction wraps up on both existing infrastructures like the Bertil Harding route and potential future developments.

He also told lawmakers that his ministry is working with partners to launch the feasibility study for the Sting Corner, Abuko, and Mandinary bypass road.

“This road, when completed, will relieve the Westfield Tabokoto stretch, particularly Brikama-bound traffic.”

To improve urban mobility, Minister Sillah announced that they would work alongside partners to create an effective transport plan featuring initiatives like BRT systems.

The Wellingara Coastal Road highway will undergo rehabilitation this year, as announced by the transport minister.

Members of the Nianija and Old Yundum constituency inquired with the Minister about immediate plans to repair some parts of the road that are currently impassable due to their horrible condition.

In response, the Minister assured lawmakers that the NRA would send a team to check those parts and quickly gravel the roads so traffic could flow while they did the proper survey to build new roads there.

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