UDP Clears Momodou Sabally Candidature for Busumbala Constituency

Momodou Sabally

The United Democratic Party has endorsed the candidature of one of its top members to contest for the office of National Assembly in the upcoming Parliamentary elections.

Momodou Sabally will now battle with former UDP Lawmaker, Saikou Ba Jarjusey who joined the President NPP. He is seeking reelection under the National Peoples Party.

” It’s a huge honor and vote of confidence from the biggest and the most resilient party in this country. To the people of the nation’s powerhouse, Busumbala Constituency, I am grateful.

Now, more than ever, The Gambia needs effective legislation to effectively check the executive. I will be more than glad to be a small part of that mega-adventure,” Sabally told The Alkamba Times from his base in Banjul.

Sabally’s endorsement was unanimous, according to party officials.


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