UDP to Contest all 53 National Assembly Seats


The United Democratic Party (UDP) has announced its intention to participate in the National Assembly election in April 2022, and is inviting party members to apply for selection as candidates in all the 53 national constituencies.

In a statement issued late Tuesday evening, the party notified UDP members and supporters and the general public “that UDP intends to contest all the fifty-three (53) seats in the National Assembly of the Gambia in the forthcoming April 9th, 2022 National Assembly Elections.”

The statement spoke of “the need to strengthen the bond of unity in the party for more seats, and a vibrant and strong opposition in the Sixth Legislature in these trying times.”

It added that “the National Executive Committee resolved to retain the current twenty-two (22) UDP National Assembly Members (NAMs) subject to confirmation of interest by the NAM on or before 20th January 2022.”

The statement continued: “Applications are invited from interested members of the party for the positions of National Assembly Member for the thirty-one (31) constituencies (vacant seats for UDP), and where a sitting UDP NAM opts not to contest.

“The application shall be addressed to the Chairperson of the Selection Committee and submitted through the Chairperson of the Constituency Committee on or before 31st January 2022.”

It went on: “The National Selection Committee will preside over the selection of candidates on the 15th February 2022 which shall comprise: the National President (Chairperson), all National Executive Committee Members other than the aspirants for candidature; five members from the Constituency Committee; and two members from the Regional Committee.

“Selection shall be conducted as per UDP Constitution (Article 23 Paragraph 3), and 1997 Constitution of The Gambia (Sections 89 and 90).”

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