Unbanked Alkalolu at risk of Losing June allowances

Hon. Abba Sanyang, Minister of Lands and local Government

Several Alkalolu (Village Heads) in The Gambia are at risk of losing their responsibility allowances for June if they remained unbanked.

The Gambia government has called on all village heads without bank accounts to open one before the end of May to ensure the convenient flow of their responsibility allowances.

A great chunk of village heads in the country do not have bank accounts; a reflection of gaps the banking sector needs to explore in ensuring banking services are far-reaching and accessible.

“Any Alkalo, who fails to open a bank account before the end of May, may not get their June responsibility allowances,” our sources revealed.

Last year President Adama Barrow announced the legislature has approved payment of responsibility allowances to the village heads as he canvassed for votes for the December polls. Payments have since started.

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