Urgent Call for Support: Gambians Detained in Germany at Risk of Deportation


By: Alieu Ceesay 

An urgent issue has arisen with the detention of many Gambians in Germany ahead of a planned chartered deportation flight on May 28, 2024. This situation has raised considerable alarm among activists and community members rallying to assist those impacted.

Yahya Sonko, a prominent migration and human rights activist based in Germany, has been at the forefront of efforts to assist the detained individuals. He emphasized the situation’s urgency, stating, “We are taking all legally permissible steps to assist those affected.” Sonko and a network of lawyers and helpers actively challenge several of these deportations through ongoing legal processes. 

This evening, Sonko confirmed through reliable communications with contacts within the EU that the deportation, although requested by German authorities, has not yet been approved. “I strongly urge all concerned parties to take immediate action and contact any individuals who may be detained at the Pforzheim deportation detention prison,” he emphasized. He highlighted the importance of providing detainees with legal assistance and support to protect their rights and explore all possible options to halt their deportation. 

Sonko called upon the Gambian community, activists, and human rights supporters to unite during this critical time. “Your involvement can make a significant difference in the lives of those currently detained and facing uncertain futures,” he said, stressing the collective power of community action. 

To ensure that the rights of Gambians in Germany are respected and upheld, Sonko provided contacts for assistance, legal support, and further information, including individual helpers, refugee councils across all 16 regions, lawyers, and activists. 

As the situation unfolds, the commitment and solidarity of the Gambian community and its supporters remain crucial in advocating for the rights and dignity of those detained. Your support is integral to this collective effort.


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