URR Back to GFF Leagues: Two Brothers Ensure Kuteh Wins

Kuteh Jumbul FC

By: Foday Manneh

Kuteh Jumbul came from behind to defeat Madina Umfally 2-1 to secure Upper River Region’s position in the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) National League Division Two.

The Central River Region champions, Madina, took an early lead 6 minutes into the game from Ebrima Drammeh’s finish before the Basse boys could respond 11 minutes later to level scores from Sulayman Manneh.
The first half ended with both teams going into the break with a goal.

Nineteen minutes after the game restarts, Abdoulie Manneh, the elder brother of the first goalscorer for Kuteh, scores the winner. The two brothers ensured the decider at 2-1.

Kuteh has become the first local community-based team from URR to gain promotion to the GFF national leagues.

The team formed in Basse Manneh Kunda is a household name in the football history of Basse. It has been on the verge of qualifying for this stage, but to no success after several attempts, most of which have seen them finished as finalists of the regional league.

“There was a bit of division in Manneh Kunda among the youth, and that led to the formation of two teams in the small community,” the Head Coach of Kuteh, Ebrima Manneh, told TAT whole reacting to the win.

“So the best thing we did was to unite the footballers as one big team. It is because of that unity we can achieve the long-time dream now. I am so happy to have led that,” Coach Ebrima added.

Ebrima maintains that his team’s preparations ahead of the start of the league are positive, and he assured to keep this youthful Kuteh side.

Kuteh’s Team Captain, Alhagie Kora, said he and his colleagues drew their motivation from the relegation of their regional compatriots, Wagadu Football Club, and that the playoff was a do-or-die game for them.

“We sat as a team and said, this time, we have to qualify either do or die. We had a single team in the national leagues, and they have relegated, so it was on us to restore that position,” Alhagie revealed.

“We are delighted. Since we were coming, the message we were told is that we are going to represent our region, not Kuteh as a team,” the Captain recalled.

The winning goalscorer, Abdoulie Manneh, could not hide his joy and described the moment as “unbelievable.”

Kuteh Jumbul will now fill the space left by their regional opponents Wagadu Football Club, who has been relegated from the second tier of Gambian football after the 2021/22 season.


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