US Based Young Gambian Artist Release New Song on Independence Day


A young Gambian musician based in New York, United States has released a new song on the country’s 57 independence anniversary to celebrate the Gambia and her people.

William Joiner, who was born in Bronx, New York to Gambian parents, and spent most of his life in the Gambia before relocating back to the USA told Alkamba Times:
” This song is about my Country, My Smiling Coast. It’s the land that I grew up in and the place that inspires my creativity. I wanted to bring a different style to it and talk about all the things I love about home while adding an element of “Fatehleku Demba”, reminiscing and giving homage to our forefathers, especially those in the music world, someone like Ousu Njie Snr who sold the image of the country through his art and inspired many to embrace The Gambia. This song will be released on February 18 marking our 57th anniversary and I urge everyone to do a video using this song to celebrate our motherland.”

Wiltrixx as he is commonly called is the grandchild of renowned educationist Mrs. Ndow known for her contribution to shaping many lives in The Gambia.
His love for music, particularly singing, started as early as 5years old but it wasn’t until he was 10years old that he knew he had a passion for performing and the ability to keep people entertained.

In 2020, he started writing music, and ever since his ink keeps dripping. Wiltrixx has a passion for composition (plays keyboard) and producing as well, he is a content creator and loves making cover songs to keep his followers entertained and engaged.

His influences go way back to Michael Jackson, James Arthur, Sam Smith, Bryson Tiller, The Weekend among other music stars.

Wiltrixx reiterates how he wants to contribute to making music from The Gambia known to the universe while emphasizing how rich Gambian culture is and how talented his generation is too.

He is currently managed by independent label Chambaii Music and hopes to release a few singles and videos in 2022 to promote his most anticipated EP titled ”Only You” slated for March 2022, featuring the finest of his generation.

William Joiner

” I’m also taking this opportunity to announce my debut EP, titled “Only You” coming out on March 9 and it will be available on all digital platforms. This project means a lot to me, I’ve put in the work and poured my heart out. I’d also want to thank all the producers, beat-makers that have contributed to this EP. Thanks to my management Chambaii Music, executive producers of this project, and PlusTwoTwo Zero for the distribution and digital promotion,” the young budding Musician added. 


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