Victims Center ransacked, three laptops stolen, and documents scattered


The Gambia Center for Victims of Human Rights Violation offices off the Senegambia Area in Kololi were ransacked by suspected thieves early Wednesday morning, stealing three laptops containing sensitive information.

The motive behind the incident is unclear, but sources tell TAT they suspect foul play. In a statement, the victims center says authorities have been notified after the matter was reported to Senegambia police.

“The matter has been filed at the Senegambia police station for further investigation, and they have come to the office to gather evidence. The statements of the first witness and few people who had arrived at the scene earlier have been taken,” the Center said in an update to the media.
“Today, in the wee hours of the night, the Victim Center’s office was broken into and ransacked. This is very sad news for the entire VC staff, who called in the early morning with news of a burglary at the office.

When all the staff arrived, the office was found in a messy state with documents strewn all over the place in what looked like a quick-breaking incident. The thieves took three laptops, a charger, and our internet router.”


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