We go all out for the FF Cup, says Brikama Utd gaffer

Coach Modou Lamin Nyassi

By: Baboucarr Fallaboweh 

Brikama Utd is winless in their last five matches, which includes drawing 0-0 with Waa Banjul as they set to take on Gamtel on Friday.

Coach Modou Lamin Nyassi is confident his side can secure a top-five finish when the league ends.

“In our last first-round match, we started to lose our players to injury. Those injuries followed us in the second round; having even up to 20 players is always difficult. Most are nursing injuries; some haven’t even kicked the ball yet.” Nyassi emphasized.

“These are the factors disturbing the team, and there is no consistency unlike that of our first round. Although finishing second or third in the league is possible, we will work hard to get those results in our favor.”

A season that proved problematic in the second round has made Coach Nyassi salvage the FA Cup after booking a place in the semi-finals following a 2-0 over Immigration.

The Seteyba boys will lock horns with Red Hawks for a spot in the finals, and Nyassi is optimistic his team can scale the hurdle.

“We are only focusing on the FF Cup, not comprising it. So we are going all out for that”, he told Alkamba Times Sports.


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