Who killed the Cops?


By: Omar Malmo Sambou 

In pain they bow while their comrades are being lowered into their graves. Their only crime was to be uniform to defend and protect Gambians and residents of the Gambia. Probably the other because his name is Pateh. Their death surrounded by lies and politics. While I took time to listen to all parties (a) Mama the Lady in Cassamance (audio encounter with Ousainou Bojang + another person), (b) The President (security council), (c) government spokesman Sankareh, (d) Nfamsu Bojang (Ousainous brother), (e) Facebook postings of some UDP members who spoke about police excesses, I ask the question who killed the cops?

First, there are several questions that came to mind, and I will try to pin them here with my doubts.

1. Sankareh told us that Ousainou Bojang is the suspect and he works for Brikama Area Council and the intention was to kill a dozen of officers. The government has all the authority to verify such before saying things that are not true. But one thing is true, he has a motive and a direction he wanted to pitch for our consumption—the UDP is the direction of his statement. Why did he lie to us? Who gave him that information? He said the police, why did the police lie? We have seen Presidential advisers took the same direction as soon as the incident was announced. What are they feeding the President with? Do they know something we don’t know?

2. Sankareh told us that the police got footages of Ousainou at the UDP Yanks Dabos case in Banjul. Can Sankareh prove this? Still trying to associate Ousainou to the UDP.

3. The President said it was a plot to intimidate his government and the security. But who seeks to intimidate his government & the security? This statement was before the apprehension of Ousainou. How did the president get to that conclusion? What’s the direction of his statement? What are they telling the President?

4. The police told us that they followed the phone signals from point A, B , C till Cassamance and upon arrival a gentleman was handed to them whom they didn’t know at a time. But they know his number? Does that make sense? How can you tape the signal prior to knowing the suspect?

5. The police told us that Ousainou was in possession of the gun on the day of the UDP protest/court case in Banjul but failed to tell us where he was in possession of the gun, either in his house, Banjul, in court or amongst the UDP crowd. Again trying to associate to the UDP.

6. Some UDP members posted about the police excesses and pointed out some names including Pateh Jallow (Elo Jallow’s brother) but a different Pateh was killed. Was killing a Pateh part of the plot? Connect the dots and ask, who killed the cops? Is this staged I wonder and it’s giving me sleepless nights.

7. The car that was in circulation isn’t Ousainous but belongs to a state operative I heard. How was that car at the crime scene? Who owns the car? Why was it said that was the used car?

8. The killer must be a gun mastermind to be able to give no chance of survival shots to the two. Is Ousainou a gun expert? Is Ousainou a rebel? That one left my eyes and mouth wide open. I didn’t know you can be in Brufut all your life and still be a rebel. But the Gambia today, if you are a mandinka, you are UDP and if you are a Jola you are either APRC or a Rebel? Is Ousainou a rebel as the police told us? Remember we went to school with him, grew up with him to this day. He isn’t a stranger to us.

9. In the audio with Mama, was there at any point that Ousainou said with his mouth that he killed anyone? Seemingly, Mama was on a topic of her own and Ouzo was talking about his family and his white lady. Did Ouzo confess to killing in that audio? Take a second listen with care because he didn’t. So why Ouzo?

10. Where was Ousainou that night? Was his brother Nfansu not truthful? Where did they recover his clothes? Who identified that those were the clothes of the shooter and they belong to Ousainou?

11. If Ousainou was/is a rebel why was he looking for a marabout for his problems or seeking refuge in strangers when he could go back to his colleagues who are notorious for killings?

11. Where is the gun used to kill? Will it ever be found?

Someday, these folks will get justice. At this point, i hope it is not what minds are thinking.


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