Wife of car dealership employee allegedly killed by unhappy customer: ‘He was the only one I had’

The Late Kawsu Samba

Jakira Anderson is being held on $1 million after being charged in Kawsu Samba’s fatal shooting at a Middleton, WI car dealership

ByBraden Ross, WISC-TV News 3 Now
Friday, March 24, 2023 1:54PM

MIDDLETON, Wis. — A woman charged with shooting and killing a car dealership employee made her initial court appearance via Zoom. Police say the shooting started with a dispute over a car lease.

Kawsu Samba was shot dead at 34. Jakira Anderson, the woman accused of shooting and killing him at a Middleton car dealership, is charged with first-degree homicide.

Samba’s pregnant wife spoke directly to the suspect in Dane County Court Wednesday.

“You didn’t only kill my husband, you murdered me, too,” Samba’s wife said. “He was the only one I had and here I am right now. All I have is my unborn child.”

“This defendant, as the complaint shows, is alleged to have shot someone essentially at point blank range in the chest over what I think even generously to her could be considered a minor customer service dispute at an auto dealership,” a prosecutor said.

Court records allege Jakira Anderson went to the dealership Monday afternoon to complain about a car she had leased from them, WISC-TV reported.

She told officers she got in an argument with Samba, who worked at the dealership. She said Samba started trying to push her out of the store, and that’s when police say she shot him.

According to court documents, Anderson told police: “I wasn’t trying to kill him, just scare away and I didn’t think I was going to hit him.”

“The entire incident from start to finish was captured on video. There is going to be no doubt about what happened in that trial in that she did in fact pull the trigger of that gun and shoot this person,” a prosecutor said.

The shooting has left Madison’s Gambian and Islamic communities grieving the loss of a man they say was kind, family oriented and brilliant.

A family member said in a statement that he had helped many young people in Madison. And his soccer club in Milwaukee commemorated him with a social media post saying his positive vibes made their team better on and off the field.

Anderson’s cash bail was set at $1 million. She’s due back in court on March 30.

Source: https://abc7chicago.com/

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