Women in STEM: Spotlight on Fatou Senghore Cyber Security Professional

Fatou Senghore

Fatou Senghore is among The Gambia’s top-notch female cybersecurity experts, an advocate for women in STEM, providing mentorship programs to young girls and women pursuing STEM as a career, and is currently the social secretary of WiSTEM.

Fatou founded the American International University West Africa (AIUWA) Computer Science Association during her undergraduate studies for her University to help students in the department struggling with their courses. She provided them with mentorship programs and career fairs.

Fatou also received the YALI RLC award in February 2018, a leadership summit that scouts out the brightest young leaders in West Africa to be trained on different leadership tracks.

She is also an African Internet Governance Scholar, which allows her to participate at the Africa Internet Summit held in Dakar 2018, allowing her to meet different internet stakeholders who participated in discussing ways to make the internet a better and safer way for people.

In August 2019, she was selected to participate in the Internet Governance Youth Ambassadors fellowship program in Germany, where she became an IGF Youth Ambassadors Fellow.

Fatou was also awarded the Grace Hopper for Women in Computing Scholarship in September 2020, a summit gathering held in San Francisco, New Orleans, that celebrates Women in Computing globally.

She was among the winners of the prestigious Chevening scholarship awarded in September 2020, allowing her to pursue her Master’s degree in security Engineering at the University of Warwick.

Recently, Fatou was selected to represent The Gambia at the One Young World Summit held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from the 2nd to 5th October 2023, where she became the flag bearer of The Gambia.

The One Young World summit convenes the brightest young leaders from more than 190 countries across the globe who are passionate about making positive impacts in their society.

This summit gives the platform for young leaders to meet with world leaders, politicians, and business entrepreneurs to discuss topics on global issues such as climate emergencies, fighting inequalities, poverty & hunger, conflict and migration, and the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

Due to Fatou’s incredibleFatou’sements, she was part of the 11 exceptional young leaders selected out of the 2,200 One Young World delegates to have a closed door round table discussion with the former President of Colombia HE Juan Manuel Santos and former Prime Minister of Ireland & Laureate Nobel Prize winner HE Bertie Ahern and Dr Joanna Nurse, strategic advisor to the InterAction Council to discuss the role of a potential Global Youth Council in preventing existential threats to the global community.

Upon completing this meeting, Fatou was one of the 11 delegates selected to establish the Global Youth Council under the InterAction Council to help address global existential threats and challenge world leaders at the UN Security Council.


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