Yankuba Darboe: A Beacon of Empathy and Integrity in Gambian Politics

Yankuba Darboe

By: Lamin E Kujabi

In the political landscape of The Gambia, Yankuba Darboe, Chairman of the Brikama Area Council, stands out as a leader of unparalleled empathy and integrity. His deep connection with his constituents and his unwavering commitment to fighting corruption have made him a notable figure in Gambian politics.

Darboe’s journey is rooted in his humble beginnings. Hailing from a poor background, he shares a lived experience with many of his constituents. This shared experience has fostered a genuine empathy for their struggles, distinguishing him from many politicians who prioritize alliances with business communities to further their own interests. Darboe’s leadership is characterized by his close relationship with the electorate, ensuring their grievances are not only heard but addressed.

Recently, Darboe was involved in a controversial encounter with Mr. Manneh and his “Operation Clear the Road” team. Critics hastily labeled Darboe as short-tempered and confrontational, particularly towards the central government. However, these allegations fail to capture the true essence of a man who is both law-abiding and well-versed in legal principles. Darboe’s actions are driven by a commitment to justice and the rule of law, not by personal vendettas or impulsive behavior.

Yankuba Darboe’s leadership marks a significant departure from the past perceptions of the United Democratic Party (UDP). Historically, the UDP has been criticized for being too lenient in its opposition to the regimes of Yahya Jammeh and, more recently, Adama Barrow. Darboe’s assertive stance against corruption and abuse of power challenges this narrative, showcasing a new, more resolute UDP leadership determined to hold the government accountable.

A pivotal moment in Darboe’s political career was his participation in the “Three Years Jotna” protest in 2019. This movement, which called for President Barrow to honor his promise to step down after three years, saw Darboe at its forefront. Unlike many educated diasporans who remained distant, Darboe sacrificed his comfort and security to join the demonstration, standing firm against Barrow’s political ambitions. His unlawful imprisonment during this period only strengthened his resolve to fight for justice and good governance.

As Chairman of the Brikama Area Council, Darboe has implemented policies aimed at curbing corruption and promoting transparency. His leadership is characterized by a no-nonsense approach to governance, setting a high standard for accountability. Darboe’s dedication to ethical governance and his proactive measures against malpractice resonate with a public yearning for honest and effective leadership.

Yankuba Darboe’s commitment to the principles of justice and his relentless fight against corruption signal his potential as a future national leader. His deep empathy for the electorate, born from his own experiences, and his willingness to sacrifice for the greater good, mark him as a leader capable of guiding The Gambia towards a more equitable and just society.

In conclusion, Yankuba Darboe embodies the qualities of empathy, integrity, and steadfast commitment to the public good. His leadership challenges the status quo and offers a new vision for Gambian politics, one that prioritizes the needs of the people over personal gain. As The Gambia looks towards the future, Darboe’s example provides hope for a brighter, more transparent, and more just political landscape. His journey and actions are a testament to the transformative power of true leadership.


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