You are My Memory of Seattle


By Maa

You are my memory of Seattle,

From atop the Space Needle,

Down the Pike Place Market,

Round aboard the Great Wheel,

You are the moment to cherish:

It is your elegance and sense of humor.

Leadership immersion at UW,

For me, it was for the meeting of you.

From the salutation hug,

I got hooked once again;

Or, I should say, like never before—

Twelve years later.

Reminiscing about the days we worked together,

You, always immaculately dressed,

Exuding passion for the profession.

I had never met a nurse better dressed,

And well put together.

You see, back then, 

Because I suffered from an inattentional blindness

Today, I live in its prognostic reality of wishfulness.

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