Young Gambian Launches Food Ordering and Delivery App ‘ Chopser’ 

Omar Baldeh, the developer of the Chopser App

By Aminata E.Sanyang

Getting food from your favorite restaurant or fast food eatery in The Gambia can be frustrating and while technological advances are helping to ease that burden, the country’s embrace of its possibilities is rather slow-paced.

Many continue to vent their discomfort of delays in food delivery, especially at workplaces in the metropolis without proper tracking of the order. It is impossible to tell, but one or two orders always get misplaced; it either the quick-fix chicken, plain chips, or pizza call, and what’s supposed to be a simple translation for food hits the wrong highway, and yes its a delivery, that unfailingly gets cold before reaching your table.

Well, a new tech investor in the food delivery business is on a run to change that.

Young Gambian Omar Baldeh developed the Chopser App to end the endless drudgery people face every time they have to order food with the expectations of great service and timely delivery.

Having pursued computer science at the American International University-West Africa, Omar undertook an ambitious drive to ease the challenges of people through technology.

“Chopser was born out of a passion to use innovative technology in helping to solve two key problems and boost the local economic sector. One problem is, how do we quickly build a resilient infrastructure to help small and medium businesses shake off the effects of Covid and have future proof mechanisms in place to embrace a digital economy allowing businesses to operate online, add more value and continue to serve even more customers in a smart, safe and secure way” Omar told The Alkamba Times

Covid-19 ushered in unprecedented attachment to technology and people significantly relied on phones and computers to solve everyday challenges via digital means.

The Chopser App ushers in an opportunity for restaurants and grocery stores to sell online, with a greater chance to give their businesses exposure.

In order to make food ordering exciting, the Chopser app creates a digital menu to ease burdens and curtail significant time consumption.

“users will not have to hassle or spend hours on launch break due to traffic and other factors. To add on, Chopser offers loyalty points, live GPS-guided tracking, and regular promos all these conveniently at your fingertips. It’s is truly the power of food in your hands.” Said Omar Baldeh

The App is available for free on the play store and AppStore.

The Chopser sets a pace for a new beginning to build a sophisticated online Gambian market that takes on a new front as customers move to embrace the convenience of digital transactions.


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