Youth Leader Ismaila Fadera is the new UDP Students’ Wing President


A prominent youth leader and community mobilizer, Ismaila Fadera, has been duly elected as the President of the biggest opposition party, the UDP Students Wing.

The UDP Students’ Wing, established in 2017 to enlighten the public and popularize the policies and programs of the United Democratic Party and Fadera, was elected at their second congress to elect a new leadership to steer students’ affairs from various learning institutions in the country.

The congress was witnessed and supported by influential and bona fide members from the top ranks of the United Democratic Party to ensure that the congress adhered to its modus operandi, a free, fair, and transparent election among the applicants. It also aimed to capacitate the new leadership in democratic culture and the uncompromising stance of the Party to ensure that democratic tenets, the rule of law, and good governance are upheld in the country.

Fifteen applicants contested for various positions, and the following members were duly elected as representatives for the United Democratic Party’s Students’ Wing for the years 2023 – 2027:

President Ismaila Fadera, Sainabou Ceesay, Vice President Lamin Manneh, Secretary General Alagie Camara, Deputy Secretary General, Public Relations Officer Badu Sanneh, Social Secretary Sira Wally, Assistant Socal Secretary Tijan Darboe, Internal Auditor, Isatou A Touray and Assistant Auditor, Awa Bayo.

The newly elected executive comprises individuals with an impeccable track record of serving in the positions they are tasked to administer for the next four years, according to President-elect Ismaila Fadera.

“Therefore, the Party does not doubt that they will meet expectations by rallying quality voters for the Party and implementing sound and sustainable student-centered policies that the Party can work towards addressing,” Fadera added.

President-Elect Ismaila Fadera expressed his gratitude to the Party’s leadership and renewed his unwavering support for the visionary ideas of the Party.


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