15th OIC Banjul Summit Concludes with Call for Unity & Commitment to Sustainable Development

President Barrow speaking at the closing ceremony of the 15th OIC Banjul Summit

By Alieu Ceesay 

During the closing ceremony in Banjul, The Gambia, President Adama Barrow, presiding as Chairman of the 15th Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Islamic Summit, gave a moving speech to mark the successful end of the summit. He conveyed his thanks and emphasized the joint efforts that contributed to the summit’s success.

Addressing heads of state, government officials, and delegates from OIC member countries, President Barrow underscored the significance of hosting the summit in The Gambia, describing it as a historic milestone for the Smiling Coast of Africa. He commended the OIC Secretariat of Saudi Arabia and the National Secretariat in The Gambia for their unwavering commitment and dedication to ensuring the summit’s success. 

President Barrow extended special commendations to the technical staff, administrators, financiers, and all those involved in the summit’s planning and execution, acknowledging their pivotal role in making the dream of hosting the summit a reality. 

Reflecting on the deliberations and outcomes of the summit, President Barrow emphasized the importance of dialogue, consensus-building, and cooperation in addressing critical issues facing the Muslim Ummah and humanity at large.

He highlighted the summit’s theme, “Unity and Solidarity Through Dialogue and Sustainable Development,” as a guiding principle for collective action toward global peace, stability, and development. 

As the incoming Chairman of the Organisation, President Barrow urged all member states to collaborate closely with The Gambia during its three-year tenure to advance socio-economic development and realize shared ideals. He called for a renewed commitment to promoting peace, justice, and continuous dialogue within the Ummah and beyond. 

President Barrow concluded his remarks by expressing gratitude to all participants, delegations, and well-wishers for their valued presence and contributions to the summit’s success. With heartfelt wishes for success in their noble undertakings, he officially declared the 15th OIC Summit closed, marking the end of a historic gathering reaffirming the commitment to unity, solidarity, and sustainable development among member states and stakeholders in the Islamic world.

The Secretary-General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Hussein Brahim Taha, expressed deep appreciation to the Government and people of The Gambia, particularly highlighting the warm welcome and generous hospitality extended during the 15th Islamic Summit Conference. 

Special recognition was extended to President Adama Barrow and Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, and Gambians Abroad, Mr. Mamadou Tangara, for their efforts in organizing and ensuring the summit’s success. 

During the summit, comprehensive discussions were held on various critical issues, resulting in consensual outcomes that reflect the unified positions and solidarity among OIC Member States. Critical resolutions included strong support for the Palestinian people and their just cause, demanding an immediate halt to Israeli aggression against Gaza and supporting Palestine’s pursuit of full membership in the United Nations with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital. 

Leaders and heads of delegations stressed support for the Afghan people. They opted for peaceful dialogue to resolve the Yemen, Libya, and Sudan. Emphasis was placed on promoting security, stability, and development in the Sahel region and Lake Chad Basin, accelerating development efforts, enhancing intra-OIC trade, and cooperation in science and technology. 

The summit highlighted promoting women’s and children’s rights, support for people with special needs and youth, and enhancing economic cooperation, trade, agriculture, and food security within the OIC Member States. Additionally, discussions addressed combating Islamophobia and religious hatred, welcoming the appointment of a Special Envoy of the OIC Secretary-General on Combating Islamophobia. 

The OIC reaffirmed support for the right of self-determination for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Special attention was given to the Rohingya Muslim community’s situation, and appreciation was expressed for The Gambia’s defense of the Rohingya issue at the International Court of Justice. Resolutions adopted during the conference strengthened solidarity and unity among OIC Member States, focusing on mutual understanding among religions and cultures. 

The Secretary-General commended President Adama Barrow’s skillful summit chairmanship and expressed gratitude to The Gambia for providing the conditions that contributed to its success. The summit’s outcomes underscored the commitment of OIC Member States to address critical global challenges and promote peace, stability, and development within the Muslim Ummah and beyond.


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