OIC Banjul Summit condemns the genocide by Israel against Palestine & calls for an immediate cessation of violence

Hissein Brahim Taha Secretary-General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

By Alieu Ceesay

Member states released a strongly worded communique after the two-day high-level meeting of the 15th Organization of Islamic Cooperation Summit in Banjul. It condemned Israel for its actions in Gaza, accused them of genocide and occupation, and demanded an immediate cessation of hostilities.

The political communique outlined significant resolutions, including a call for Palestinian rights and condemnation of Israel’s actions in Gaza, where the conflict continues to take a toll on lives and properties. 

The Conference unequivocally condemned the crime of genocide perpetrated by Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people in the besieged Gaza Strip and throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory. It also emphasized the responsibility of all states to comply fully with provisional measures ordered by the International Court of Justice, aiming to hold Israel accountable for its violations of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. The Summit affirmed unwavering support for the Palestinians. 

The Summit also addressed broader regional challenges, including the need for a comprehensive solution in Syria amidst escalating violence and instability. Terrorism in all its forms was condemned, with recognition of the threat posed by terrorist organizations. 

Additionally, the Conference committed to supporting the security, stability, unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of member states and those in the Sahel and Lake Chad Basin regions. Concern was raised over the fragile security and humanitarian situation in these areas, exacerbated by recurrent attacks and displacement due to terrorism and climate change effects. 

Moreover, the Summit underscored a strong commitment to Afghanistan’s sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and national unity, emphasizing the importance of a peaceful and inclusive government for sustainable stability. Urgent calls were made for support for Afghanistan’s food security program and the return of displaced Azerbaijanis to their places of origin. 

The Conference urged increased efforts to address discrimination, xenophobia, racism, hate speech, and religious hatred, aligning with recent resolutions adopted by international bodies such as the UN Human Rights Council and UN General Assembly. 

The Summit reaffirmed the OIC’s dedication to promoting peace, justice, and unity within member states and the global community.


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