A Teacher’s Residence, Ravaged by Flames, Appeals for Community Aid

Aftermath of the inferno

By Alieu Ceesay 

On April 30th, 2024, a catastrophic fire swept through the home of dedicated teacher Ms. Sona Ceesay in Brikamaba, Lower Falladou District, in the Southern Central River region of The Gambia. Ms. Marenah and her family were devastated as the blaze destroyed precious items, including her teaching certificate, appointment letter, and travel passport.

Ms. Ceesay, a teacher and small business owner working to support herself, is facing a challenging journey to rebuild her life.

The fire also destroyed valuable items such as beds, smart TVs, refrigerators, clothing, rental chairs, and rice.

“I lost everything in my house due to the fire disaster,” Sona Ceesay told Alkamba Times, a fire in an interview with TAT. The fire spread to four houses, with victims pointing fingers at electrical failure as the cause. 

Sona appeals to authorities and philanthropists for support, with her primary concern being a roof over her head. 

“I call on people to help me rebuild my house, as the rainy season is fast approaching,” she pleaded. Additionally, she mentioned, “All of my clothes were burnt to ash, so I also urge the public to help me with clothes.” 

Until concrete actions are taken to address the country’s recurring fire outbreaks and protect its citizens’ lives and properties, individuals like Sona will continue to face these devastating losses. 

Sona is currently in desperate need of support, and any assistance extended to her during this trying time will be greatly appreciated. She can be reached on the following contacts: +2203843535 or 3996160


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