TAT Probe into Lang Bala Sawo’s Alleged Financial Misconduct Uncovers Around D20m

Lang Bala Sawo, the President of the Gambia Maritime Dockworkers Union

Following our publication last Monday involving Lang Bala Sawo, President of the Gambia Maritime Dockworkers Union, TAT’s further investigation into the alleged financial embezzlement uncovered nearly D20 million, according to the latest information received from insiders at both the police and dockworkers Union, contrary to earlier reports of D9 million. 

This medium is informed that the Police, through the Fraud Squad Unit, have opened investigations into the alleged financial misconduct. The accused person, Lang Bala Sawo, has been released on bail since Monday.

Our police source with knowledge of the scandal disclosed: “The nine (9) million dalasi that was reported was the total amount of money found in one of his accounts at Trust Bank, but the actual funds he allegedly stole from dockworkers’ welfare accounts is over D19 million.”

Our source within the executive ranks of the dockworkers’ Union has confirmed this piece of new information, saying that the total amount stolen by Lang Bala Sawo from their welfare funds is about D20 million and that they’re determined to ensure that their hard-earned money is paid to them in full. 

“We, the poor and less powerful members whose livelihood benefits are siphoned, are worried if justice will ever be served in this case. We have now seen that the matter has taken a political dimension with top NPP officials like Saihou Mballow (Presidential Adviser) and other important members within the ruling NPP party all standing in defense and solidarity with Lang Bala Sawo at the expense of the vulnerable poor dockworkers who barely have anything to feed their families with. However, we call on the government and the NPP top officials to understand that this case is about our survival and those of our families,” the source within the dockworkers’ Union told TAT. 

Meanwhile, in an audio intercepted by TAT, the accused person, Lang Bala Sawo, could be heard telling his loved ones and supporters within the NPP that they should all come out to protest and show solidarity with him as elements within his Union are poised to tarnish his image.


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