Acute Water Shortage Hits Janjanbureh,  Residents Fetch Water From River Gambia


The residents of the Regional Capital of Central River Region (CRR), Janjanbureh are facing an acute shortage of water caused by long hours without supplies from the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) with the situation forcing residents to resort to fetching water from the River Gambia, which surrounds the Island.

Residents who spoke to Alkamba Times disclosed the painful conditions women and girls are currently enduring to fetch water for domestic consumption and other uses.

Almost all residents and households in the regional Island capital are fetching drinking water from the River Gambia According to sources who spoke to TAT.

They told Alkamba Times that neither NAWEC nor the state/local authorities have issued any statement regarding the situation, hinting that this is not the first time residents are facing acute water problems in Janjanbureh, which goes days without water.

“I can confirm that since Saturday night residents of Janjanbureh have not received water supply from NAWEC and the reasons for the dry taps remain unknown. This is a terrible situation because almost all the community of Janjanbureh relies on water supply from NAWEC and as I speak most families are getting drinking water from the river,” Ebrima Foon, Janjanbureh Ward Councillor told The Alkamba Times.

He added: “I cannot confirm what is the problem but since yesterday we are without water. We are yet to receive any communication from NAWEC about the situation and the impact is currently affecting most residents.”

The Janjanbureh, Ward Councillor said he is not aware of any contingency measure by either NAWEC, the government, or Janjanbureh Area Council, adding that both the council Chairman, CEO, and Finance Director are out of town amid the water crisis.

Jalamang Danso, a resident of Janjanbureh also bemoaned the water shortage, disclosing that residents residing miles away from the river Gambia (600m) have to trek all the way to fetch water for drinking and other needs for their domestic chores.

Danso said the situation is dire as it started during the Ramadan period when women are mostly occupied with domestic chores which is now challenged by the water crisis.

A government worker who prefers anonymity said most of the government quarters (residents) are without water and some residents occupying government quarters have not been able to use their showers or flush toilets for more than a day.

He added that most government officials including residents are also drawing water from the river, while those who can afford it buy bottled water to meet their needs.

Residents have called on relevant authorities to fix the situation and blamed NAWEC for not notifying them in advance about the crisis which is disrupting life on the Island where most residents are Muslims observing Ramadan.

The Alkamba Times reached out to the Governor of the region, Abba Sanyang, and NAWEC officials to shed light on the matter without success but we will update readers on developments emanating from Janjanbureh.

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