Airpod tracker led to the arrest of notorious thief as Police recovered some stolen properties

Modou Lamin Ndow

By: Fatou Dahaba 

A digital tracker connected to an airpod among the properties stolen from vacationing couple in the Gambia has helped the Police to nab a notorious theft, Modou Lamin Ndow, who admitted stealing valuables worth over one million dalasis.

Airpod, belonging to a US-based Gambian married couple, Sheriff Muhammed Lamin Jarjue and Abibatou Saidy, was used by Mr. Jarju to locate the suspect, who later informed the Police about the thief’s whereabouts leading to his arrest on Sunday in Jarreng, the rural settlement in Central river region south.

The stolen properties include a gold chain set worth $3500, 2 gold chain sets; for $500, silver crystal; for $33, an AirPod; for $250, an Apple Watch for $438, 1 MK watch; for $150; 2 MK watches; $200, male diamond watch; $445, Gucci purse; $1079, Aido purse; $60, 2 male designer perfumes; $250, and cash of $15,800 were all stolen.

Some of the recovered stolen properties

The Deputy Police Spokesperson, Cadet ASP Muhammed Y. Darboe, told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday morning, one week after the incident, that the stolen properties have been recovered and the alleged suspect has been apprehended.

According to ASP Darboe, the suspect has been arrested in Jarreng village of the Central River Region of the Gambia thanks to a device that enables them to find him.

Deputy Police Spokesperson, Cadet ASP Muhammed Y Darboe

“When the Police saw him in CRR, it was too easy to identify him and that he might be going with some stolen items. So, he was asked to pack at Jarreng Police Station, where his vehicle was thoroughly searched, and the items were found,” Darboe said.

Other valuables recovered from the suspect were mobile phones, laptops, and personal belongings, such as clothes, boots, bags, and watches.

The Police also discovered physical cash in both Gambian Dalasis and dollars.

The suspect reportedly bought a car with the brand “Audi” out of the stolen money and had sold several laptops recovered by the detectives.

“At the time of the arrest, he was using the car. Three people were arrested as suspects, but he confessed to doing the act alone. However, the other two are with him in the gang and cannot be excluded,” Deputy Police PRO revealed.

While the suspect helps the Police in their investigation, the PRO identified him as a serial burglar convicted on three occasions in the past.


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