An Old Soldier Never Die!

Nfansu Camara

By: Nfansu Camara, Sandu Kuwonku. 

As we mourn the outrageous killing of our devoted police intervention officers in uniform, striving all day and night to protect our lives and livelihoods, the matter should be handled with utmost urgency to investigate and prosecute the actual perpetrator responsible for this heinous crime.

12 September will forever be marked as a day of sorrow and sadness because such a terrible incident occurred against our serviceman and servicewoman in uniform. The day shall symbolize their penchant and preparedness to work for Gambian people as expected consciously.

It’s primitively underscored that “old soldiers never die,” such soldiers are these indefatigable young security officers responsible for protecting and apprehending law violators and any act that disrupts peace, calmness, and orderliness in our respective communities.

This is why you never die because old soldiers never die. Your selfless service offered to the Gambian people has printed, symbolized, and immortalized your personalities in the just history book of the Gambia. History will forever be grateful to you, fallen legends!!!.

The work is as complicated as one could ever imagine, and they deserved national recognition as they outrageously succumbed to death while performing their national duties. This is a day that shall never be oblivious or forgotten by history, and it requires a national symbol because they exhibited a high level of devotion and professionalism. What a tragic situation!!!.

As I join thousands of national mourners, we, the citizens, must remain eternally vigilant as we play an indispensable role in helping the investigators to have an inclusive investigation of such incidents in this ungodly time.

Helping the investigators through proper vigilance should be the responsibility of every concerned and functional citizen because the communities are the police, and the police equally are the communities. An unfortunate situation requires individual and collective participation in hunting such callous persons for proper legal litigation.

In addition, I’m forever optimistic that the urgent investigation launched by the Police force will be diligently carried out as it’s an incident that poses enormous public outcry and unsteadiness. The perpetrator shall be apprehended at the behest of the Almighty Allah, punctuated with the timely investigation launched by the relevant authorities. The absconded perpetrator is currently the most wanted person in the country, and he shall be pursued tooth and nail to apprehend and secure their prosecution.

As the nation bleeds and mourns, I pray to the Almighty Allah to grant the victims eternal repose in Jannah and overlook their shortcomings. May he give the families, loved ones, and national mourners the fortitude to bear these irreplaceable deaths of our brother and sister in uniform? I wish those in critical health condition Godspeed in recovery.

We stand in solidarity with the Gambia Police Force and all Gambians in this unfortunate situation as they work to ensure the perpetrator is hunted and brought before a competent court of jurisdiction. Accept my heartfelt condolence!!!.

You’re an old soldier who will never die because it’s rightly said that old soldiers never die. You’re an iconic officer who went helter-skelter in protecting the lives of Gambians with diligence and excellence.

Rest Well, The Fallen Legends 


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