Bakau Murder Case: Anger Erupted from Youth as Police Arrest Suspect

Youth Clash with police at Bakau Police Station over the death of Omar Sonko

By: Foday Manneh

The Alkamba Times gathered reports of the death of one Omar Sonko, a resident of Bakau who went missing last Friday. He is found dead in Salaji.

Omar’s killing grew an intense protest from the youth of Bakau, who gathered today (Thursday) at the Bakau Police Station, burning tyres to express their anger and demand justice for the young man.

The Gambia Police Force also confirmed the arrest and interrogation of one suspect with the murder of Omar. The suspect is currently helping the Police in their investigations.

The Police confirmed that: “Following investigations into an incident of a reported missing man of Bakau, whose corpse was found in Salaji, the police have arrested and detained a suspected 46-year-old Banjulian Man of Brusubi resident.”

Meanwhile, the Police further urged the public to exercise calm and restraint from unlawful acts as they continue to probe into matters.

Omar’s family has been worried since Friday, November 25, 2022, when he never returned home.

The victim is a Taxi driver who left home for his daily earnings on Friday morning, but his family never heard from him as all efforts proved fruitless until he was reportedly found dead in a bag in Salaji.


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