Basse Murder Case: Family Disappointed by Alleged Killer’s Release

The Murder victim, Bakary Sabally

The family of Bakary Sabally, a murder victim from Sare Mansong village in the Upper River Region, has voiced their disappointment and dissatisfaction with the trial process and the court’s decision to release one of the suspected perpetrators.

Bakary was fatally assaulted by the alleged perpetrators on February 3, 2024, in a car park in Basse during a trip to arrange his child’s naming ceremony.

An anonymous family member disclosed to The Alkamba Times that one of the individuals responsible for their brother’s plight had been released from police custody and returned home without the victim’s family being informed.

“Our family does not know he was released. Two people are involved in our brother’s murder case. The first person is the driver Samba Sowe, and the second person is Tijan, a Chef Garage,” the family member said.

“So when my brother got involved in an argument with one of them, Tijan was the one seen bringing a stick or a log in his hand. The court and police kept us in the dark. We just found out, and it was confirmed that Tijan was released, and he is at home.”

The dismayed relative stated that his family insists on Tijan’s re-arrest and subsequent court appearance to confront the full extent of the law.

“We have been waiting for the courts to start on the case as a family until last Monday; a CID officer told us that the case has been going, and one of the suspected perpetrators has been released by the court. We want justice for our brother. We cannot have closure until justice is served as expected,” the concerned member stressed.

“We are disappointed by the government, courts, and even police because the guy seen with the object is now released for free. It is too soon for him to go out. It is unsafe for Tijan to be roaming about because angry mobs can go against him,” the person told TAT.


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