BSAC Chairman Reassures Developing Basse Mini Stadium, Among Others 

Chairman Ceesay

The Chairman of the Basse Area Council, Hon.Mahamadou Ceesay, has confirmed his Council’s ambitious plan to transform the Basse mini stadium into a standard football facility. This development, among other projects, is set to provide a beacon of hope for the youth of the Upper River Region, offering them a platform to showcase their talents and pursue their sporting dreams.

In January 2024, the Council revealed that it had allocated D12 million in its budget to develop the Basse mini stadium as its year’s capital project. 

Chairman Ceesay, speaking before hundreds of his supporters and party militants at a rally on Saturday, confirmed that paperwork had been started between his Council and the Ministry of Youth and Sports for a possible transfer of ownership to implement the stadium project successfully. 

“The youths may think they are forgotten, but let them not think so because I still play football and know their problems. May the grace of God, we develop this stadium already work has started at our level and the Ministry in charge,” Ceesay told natives.

Chairman Ceesay also announced a community-driven street lighting project in the region initiated by his Council. He called on the natives and potential investors to consider supporting this crucial initiative, emphasizing that their involvement is key to ensuring the safety of lives and properties in the area.

“The project has already started, as we have provided over 80 street lights for Baja Kunda village, and we will have the next phase in Basse. Our team is working with NAWEC to do the perfect work for the communities,” he assured. 

Given the high demand for clean, drinkable water in URR communities, Chairman Ceesay said his Council intends to procure a borehole drilling machine that will employ highly skilled drillers to drill boreholes for communities in the region and maximize the Council’s expenditure. 

“We are buying a borehole drilling machine and will employ skilled drillers to be in charge. We will drill boreholes for communities, which will reduce our costs. We are not doing this to prevent other contractors from gaining, but we are looking at the long-term plan,” 

At the climax of the event, Chairman Ceesay and his Council presented four multi-purpose milling machines to four villages: Sare Musa in Fulladu, Sare Julay in Tumana, Sare Mamudou in Jimara, and Garawol in Kantora.


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