Bridging Expertise Across Borders: A US-Based Gambian Criminologist Establishes a Private Security Firm


By: Alieu Ceesay

In a notable advancement that combines international criminology expertise with national security knowledge, Modou Lamin Faye, a renowned Gambian criminologist residing in the United States, has founded his private security firm, the Gambian Guardian Intelligence, and Investigative Service, to offer cutting-edge solutions to modern security issues.

Leveraging his comprehensive experience in law enforcement and crisis management,  Faye’s enterprise marks a milestone in entrepreneurial achievement. It embodies a deliberate initiative to utilize his specialized expertise to protect communities in America and overseas, particularly in tackling critical security challenges in The Gambia.

The fundamental elements of his security firm involve providing police officers and investigators with the necessary training and equipment to protect and serve with integrity and honor. Faye says it is crucial to uphold the country’s laws without infringing upon individuals’ constitutional rights and establish checks and balances within our criminal justice system by fostering accountability in our government and judicial systems.

Modou Lamin Faye, a renowned Gambian criminologist and founder of the security company

“We look at current situations in the Gambia, analyze, assess, and anticipate what that situation might lead to, and we put countermeasures in place to prevent or minimize possible damages,” he told TAT. 

With the emergence of various security sectors across both private and public sectors, Faye explained what he believed made his security company outstanding, among other things. 

“Our organization does not get involved in politics as security and politics do not mix. We receive cases, investigate them thoroughly/impartially, and determine a way forward. The organization sponsors these investigations at no cost to the victims. 

He continued, “We ensure that government officials and police officers are not being targeted by the public and wrongfully terminated by their superiors for doing their jobs. We also have a radio program on Star FM every Monday at 2 pm and a WhatsApp group to discuss the outcome of our investigations and issues relating to security matters and sensitize the public about their rights.”

He extended his heartfelt generosity to the Gambia security by donating over D400,000 worth of forensic and investigative equipment to help enhance how they handle crime scenes, evidence gathering, and investigations to minimize the use of heavily relying on witnesses. 

“We’re also involved in many cases where justice is not being given to whom it’s due, prosecutors pushing cases to court without evidence or properly investigating cases just to satisfy someone they sold their soul to, and we are the ones fighting for Mr. Ousainou Bojang, the man who was accused of shooting and killing the two police officers at Sukuta Jabang.” He told TAT part of their unpublished fight for justice. 

He revealed his goal: “Our goal is to see the Gambian people put back the faith and trust that they once had in our police officers or the criminal justice system; everyone is treated equally in the eyes of the law, prosecutors are not blindly prosecuting people without evidence and wasting their time, have our own security sector reform office run by Gambians who will frame our policies and training around the scope of our struggles and challenges instead of depending on foreign security and policies whose struggles and challenges are different from ours.’

“We have strong laws in the country that protect citizens and government officials. In other words, they can sell their dignity, integrity, and respect to people, but we won’t allow them to sell our laws or criminal justice system.” He concluded.


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