Celebrating Our Living Legend: ANM DARBOE POEM

Poem by: Saffiyah Joof
It was long overdue that a man has placed his life for our freedom.
It was overview your name shall never be erased from our history, 
Politics can kick you out of our circle,
But your legacy has marked a footprint in our democracy. 
You are a whole rainbow,
An enormous mirror in the struggle, 
Not only a referee, a key player in the liberation,
That fought teeth to teeth up to prison.
This is our revelation, a champion in the proliferation. 
By grace, you are name,
For The Gambia is your place. 
By grace, you’re a tree,
Whose trunks can not be bundled,
By grace, you’re a bird, 
That would continue to fly in the jungle. 
By grace, you have sweat, 
Which indeed has touched the land that you redid. 
By grace, you have revived the people from despair. 
A dictator was found overstay,
Honorable Darboe played to reset the closet, 
Sorry to the lost souls, whose fraction didn’t survive it.
It was a huge clutch, your tactics prove a facet.
Verily your kind shouldn’t be missed in our breathing.
Verily your fight was fruitful for our nation to gain sovereignty. 
Proceed by grace, none can tarnish your image, 
Because steadily you grew, 
Swept them all under the bridge. 
Quickly take heed, he is like bedrock in the political arena. 
Some tailoring you to be old, 
But have forgotten the experience is the gold. 
Let no heart be depressed no more, 
A father figure that Gambians need to give much respect. 
Fear not, none sorrowful anymore, 
Your records for rule of law, 
Have left thereof an evident, 
A good sign of your work. 
Long_lived, in the increasing length of your age, 
A man of the elite, an honorable notable shadow, diplomatic personnel, a king in the practice of law, a man of goodwill intentions, 
Together I salute you and the genuine fighters, 
Together I salute you and the pen writer, 
That ink the slogan of sovereignty.
Honorable Darboe is a star in the struggle and my country’s book a legend.
#Nakalapoem #The Alkamba Times 



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