Chairman Danjo reacts to Basse Area Council’s alleged D30M Scandal


By: Foday Manneh

The incumbent and opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) candidate for the Basse Area Council chairmanship seeking re-election in May 2023 polls, Foday Danjo, has reacted to the D30 million allegedly mismanaged in his Council in 2022.

In November last year, the Alkamba Times reported a financial management report of the Basse Area Council revealing that over D30 million of the Council’s funds had been mismanaged within ten months.

Reacting to these allegations after his nomination at the IEC office in Basse on Monday, Mr. Danjo said the report was meant to tarnish his good image and distract him from his work ahead of the local government elections.

“When I heard about the news, I was devastated. How can I be at that Council my people entrusted me with and knew that the administration mismanaged such an amount? That’s practically impossible. Those are just distractors trying to spoil my image and work because we were approaching the political arena,” Danjo told reporters.

However, the seating chairman said his Council had invited internal audits to audit their activities and that the region’s people should wait to see the outcome of that report which is near completion.

“Only the auditors can prove that the Council is found wanting on that allegation. These distractions when we came to power and presented our 2019/2020 audit and financial report to the National Assembly across the country, our Council was the only Council that was considered, and they have never talked about that,”

“For the D30 million, let them wait for the audit report before making any allegations. This was a finding of the councilors with no financial background or expertise. So when it was done, I advised them to invite internal audits to audit our books, and we did that, now waiting for the results. If the results are out, the world will know whether we mismanaged D30 million,” Danjo promised.


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