Bensouda downplays NPP’s Bakary Badgie strength as he seeks re-election


By Fatou Dahaba

The opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) candidate for the Kanifing Municipal Council Mayoral position Talib Ahmed Bensouda, has downplayed his opponent’s strength for the upcoming polls, NPP-sponsored candidate Bakary Badgie arguing that the entire government machinery is campaigning against his re-election.

Mayor Bensouda made these remarks shortly after filing his nomination documents at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) regional office in Kanifing.

Responding to claims made by his opponent that Talib’s only development was the planted flowers along the KMC highway, the Incumbent said politics is not about criticizing alone but what you can offer to the people you represent.

‘If you are seeking the position, you should show people your capabilities and competence rather than restoring to criticisms and smearing your opponents,” Bensouda challenged.

Talib argued that he was only accompanied by the UDP KM regional executives, unlike his opponent, who was escorted by the national executives of his party, saying it is a manifestation that he is in a race with the entire Gambia government instead of one opponent.

Dilating on his achievements in the last four years, Mayor Bensouda maintained that he had brought enormous projects to the municipality, confirming that some of the projects are completed while others are in progress and that he left his accomplishments for the residents of KM to attest through the votes.

“Gambian politics should be beyond crowd competition, even though I pull a larger crowd than my opponent. I do not buy or give anyone money to be here. The crowd follows me because they believe in me and love our work in the municipality,” he asserted.

Mayor Bensouda is optimistic about winning his re-election bid saying his victory will allow him to continue the excellent work he has started.

The Mayor underscored the Gambia as one of the least developed countries due to the high level of poverty and the cost of living daily, among which he noted the NAWEC tariffs as unacceptable for ordinary citizens to bear.

Team Bensouda’s development plans include road construction, an affordable housing scheme, a recycling center at the Bakoteh dumpsite, and bringing urban public transportation for the people of KM. He said these are the plans they are selling to the electorates but not to criticize their opponents openly.

Talib Ahmed Bensouda is contesting against the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) candidate Bakary Badgie for the KMC Mayoral seat in an election scheduled for May 20, 2023

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