Changing Lives of Women Through Entrepreneurial Skills: Tresor Women Warriors Celebrates Five Years of Existence


By Fatou Dahaba

Tresor Women Warriors, one of the champions in empowering and uplifting rural women in the country, celebrates its fifth anniversary over the weekend at an event held in Kiang Kwinella Lower River Region.

Tresor Women Warriors (TWW) event brought together women to celebrate each other for their hard work and shared powerful testimonials on how they were supported from poverty to gain financial freedom.

TWW’s unique mission is to empower women to “gain financial independence and self-confidence” through farming, trading, entrepreneurship, and education programs.

Over the past five years, Tresor Women Warriors has been a catalyst for change, passionately dedicated to empowering women across various fronts, and among their achievements include enterprise development that has impacted the initiatives in supporting and guiding women entrepreneurs, contributing to their success and growth.

The organization explores the expansive network of over 7000 women nationwide in networking and mentorship, showcasing collaborative efforts and mentorship that propel women to excel in diverse fields.

Also, in advocacy for sustainability, TWW advocates policies supporting the sustainability of women-owned enterprises and empowering women with essential leadership skills.

The grand celebration of five years of existence was grace graced by the First Lady Fatoumatta Bah Barrow and Lady Sarjo Barrow, Vice President, Cabinet Ministers, Minister of Basic and Secondary Education, National Assembly Members, top officials from the government and private sector, community and religious leaders, patriotic citizens and an extensive women audience.

the First Lady Fatoumatta Bah Barrow and Lady Sarjo Barrow


Aji Kumba Daffeh Kah, the President of Tresor Women Warriors, underscores the event’s significance and its mission to empower women.

Aja Kumba Daffeh Kah

TWW’s boss acknowledged the contributions and partnerships of women involved and other collaborators in the journey of Tresor Women Warriors, making special mention of their valuable collaboration on sad stories of conflict between women in marriages, which she has resolved, noting her aim is to unite all women.

Madam Daffeh Kah expressed gratitude to her husband, her primary source of inspiration and support, enabling her achievements.

“One of the biggest challenges facing our women is accessing land for agricultural and business purposes, but Tresor Women Warriors has endeavored to address these challenges by purchasing plots of land to empower women. Therefore, I urged husbands to support their wives in acquiring land for entrepreneurial purposes.”

Dilating on women’s difficulties in inheriting land from their families, she urged men to plan for their future by caring for their wives financially and providing them with the land.

Showcasing support and collaboration, the Tresor Women Warriors president called upon the government and stakeholders to provide sufficient funding while she welcomed opportunities for partnerships with the private sector.

Claudia Cole, Minister of Basic and Secondary Education, congratulates Tresor Women Warriors for their remarkable achievements over the past five years. She called on women to remain united in pursuit of their common goals for social and economic empowerment.

She reaffirms the government’s commitment to supporting women’s development initiatives; in this vein, she encourages Aji and her team to continue their commendable work as it undoubtedly benefits women.

She revealed the existence of a women’s enterprise development fund that has positively impacted many women’s lives.

Joining the anniversary from the United States was Dr. Saris Morris, who urged women to exhibit strength and confidence in their daily endeavors.

As a CEO of three successful businesses, she encourages women to overlook their differences and support one another, similar to the values upheld by Tresor Women Warriors.

Reflecting on their journeys, several women share how their lives have been transformed through their involvement with TWW.

These inspiring stories motivate potential new participants striving to improve their circumstances and effectively utilize available resources as successful entrepreneurs.

Amie Jatta Njie, president and focal person of KMC Tresor Women Warriors, applauded Aji Daffeh Kah for her consistent support of women and highlighted women’s crucial role in national development when provided with the necessary support.

She deemed women as dedicated individuals who can contribute significantly to nation-building.

As a gesture of appreciation for their immense support, individuals who have contributed significantly to the growth of the Tresor Women Warriors were honored with awards.


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