Coalition of Progressive Gambians threatened President Barrow with legal action over lifting the ban on Sabally and others

President Adama Barrow

By Alieu Ceesay

The Coalition of Progressive Gambians has threatened legal action against President Adama Barrow and his administration. The group’s decision comes in response to lifting the ban on Momodou Sabally and others who were banned from holding public office by the Janneh Commission.

Progressive Gambians describe this move by the President as an “indication of the government’s reluctance to fight corruption .”

“Stop the Corruption” is the slogan of the Coalition of Progressive Gambians,  a pressure group committed to holding to account elected, nominated, or appointed public officials entrusted by taxpayers to manage public institutions.

“The lack of will to execute the Janneh Commission’s recommendations and lifting the ban on some officials indicates the government’s reluctance to fight corruption, a concern raised  in our 9-point demand.” The pressure group told TAT.

The group once called for a peaceful protest but canceled after the intervention of several stakeholders, including religious and others.

However, the group is now taking legal action against the President and his administration instead of taking to the streets.

“This and many other reasons have prompted us to resort to legal measures. As  it’s one of the 9-point demands, we want to clarify that it’s unfair for the government to execute the recommendations of the Janneh Commission with partiality, leading to the unaccountable sales of the former president” ‘s properties with  proceeds yet to be accounted for.”

The group acknowledges the constitutional power given to the President to exercise the Prerogative of Mercy.

” But not with impunity and personal political agendas. This has prompted the recommendations to be executed with partiality,” they responded.

“We must weigh the implications of this pardon as a very damaging move in the effort to fight corruption. This also questions why the amendments were made to the anti-corruption Bill recently passed by the National Assembly. It shows this government’s lack of concern and seriousness to fight and reduce corruption. As a pressure group, we will continue to take all necessary legal measures to eradicate corruption in our public institutions.”

Sabally, who switched from the United Democracy Party to President Barrow’s National People Party, adds a political dimension to the controversy.

Despite political challenges, the Coalition of Progressive Gambians promotes good governance and accountability.

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