REFELA Addresses Water Shortage for Horticultural Producers in LRR


By Alieu Ceesay

In the parched fields of Jarra Sukuta, Lower River Region, where the earth thirsts for sustenance, a lifeline has emerged for horticultural producers after Mayor Mina Bouhdoud of Morroco and member of REFELA unveiled a transformative water project made possible by the African International Decentralised Cooperation Fund graciously donated by His Royal Majesty King Mohammed VI of the Kingdom of Morocco (God protect him).

For years, these resilient women tilling the soil have grappled with the torment of water scarcity, their ambitions stunted by the arid landscape. Thanks to the visionary efforts of REFELA, this nightmare is now a relic of the past.

“As you know, women encounter challenges regarding water for agriculture or household purposes. There is a lack of water to irrigate their crops, and watering their plants is one of the ways to increase agricultural yields and empower women economically,” Rohey Malick, President of REFELA, said while celebrating the successful implementation of the project.

Mayor Mina Bouhdoud of Morroco with Rohey Malick Lowe

“The women of the mighty JARRA SUKUTA are exhilarated about the water project, fully aware of its positive impact. REFELA is dedicated to positively transforming the lives of our people,” she noted.

With water shortage relegated to history, these resilient gardeners are poised to reap the fruits of their labor.

“I wish to thank His Royal Majesty, King Mohammed VI of the Kingdom of Morocco, for his unwavering support to REFELA, particularly to Africans in general,” she expressed her gratitude.

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