Comedian Bora Sisawo Assaulted, Thrown To The Street After Bail

Bora speaking to the Kerr Fatou moments he was released by police on Bail.

Comedian Alhagie Bora Sisawo, who the Police said they had released on bail late Monday evening, has appeared in the video saying that he was assaulted and thrown to the street by police officers after he insisted not to leave his phone with the Police as part of the bail conditions.

In a video first posted by Kerr Fatou Media, the comedian appeared in a video explaining his encounter with the Police officer, whom he described as Inspector Bah. He narrated that he was assaulted and then thrown to the street.

“I told them that I would not leave my mobile phone there, and we had a confrontation where they took me to a cell. Where they locked it, there was not even a keypad; they had to break it and forcefully took me out and threw me on the street.

“The person behind this is Inspector Bah because I have heard him being called Inspector Bah. Since the day I was arrested, I never had peace with him. He never touched me by hand, but today he punched me,” he explained.

Alhagie Bora spent almost a week in the hands of the Police for a comment on Facebook. The Police today granted Bora Sisawo bail with conditions.

“Bora Sisawo, who was detained by the Police over social media posts/comments, has been granted bail on October 9, 2023.

“Starting Wednesday, Bora will be required to report to the Kairaba Police Station as a condition of his bail,’ the Police said in a statement. 

Part of the bail conditions was for Bora to leave his phone with them, a condition he defied, which led to his confrontation with the Police this evening.


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