Discover Jarra Dasilameh: 207 years old rural settlement in Jarra

Village Elders

By: Kutubo Sanneh

Located in The Jarra East District of LRR, it is an off-road settlement of less than a kilometer. Mustapha Darboe, alias Mustapha Jalima founded the village. The ‘Jalima’ to his name is his mother’s name, who was from Jarra Jassong.

Often, it is handed through generations that Dasilameh was established the same year with the then Barthust, now Banjul, in 1816. Past and current leaders say Mustapha Jalima said this (his village and Barthust are the settlements being founded on that faithful day); written sources do have this. Do the Maths!

Politically, the village, until today, has a Caliphate and operates a centralized administration system. The Kaliph General is the most powerful individual and possesses the power of selecting/appointing the Alkalo. The Alkalo is answerable to him. Although, until now that you’re reading this, they have a direct democratic system with the whole village or usually elders meeting at ‘Bunba daala’ and discussing things with the Imam/Kaliph having the final say. The entire village is intelligent.

Kutubo Sanneh, the author

The native surname there is SANNEH. The Alkalo and the Imam are. But again, they mostly have a dual surname of SANNEH-DARBOE because SANNEH was bequeathed to them by the founder of the village Mustapha Darboe when he went to seek knowledge, hence Mustapha Sanneh-Darboe. Those who know the village know this. It’s a long story.

Ancestrally, Dasilameh stems from Niani Dobo through Badibou Salikeni to Kiang Kiaf, then to what will today become Jarra Dasilameh. They still share that bond. In short, the village has so much history, rich with blessings and is where people seek Dua.


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